Faith. family. fitness.



Hi! I'm Andy! A husband and father of four beautiful children. A man who has a strong faith loves fitness, fashion, and technology. I created the brand “Doo Work” to inspire and motivate people to, “Take their gifts from acceptable to exceptional!” You are incomparable. I grew up in a loving household. My parents both still married, father in the military and both my parents are pastors. They both were athletes and my brother and I were told that we are special, we can be great and make a difference in this world. I’m an athlete, personal trainer, youth pastor, husband, father of four kids. With a love for sports, fashion, Japanese culture, technology and all things creative. That combination made me a bit weird to others and it was hard to be understood or have real friendships. I developed insecurities which made me question my worth and compare myself horizontally to others. However, I now know my worth and I want others To know they are unique for a reason. Comparison will breed doubt which will delay your purpose.



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