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Does anyone watch “MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT?” Such a great conversation starter with your spouse.

While watching @mafslifetimet I heard @iamcalvinroberson say, “Happy house, happy spouse.”

So of course I had to find the origin of this statement and the quote came from Pat Williams. I thought it was so profound because I was in a culture that stressed “Happy wife, happy life.”

As a husband that wants his wife to be happy, I agreed with that statement partly, however it always bothered me because in a marriage you can take away the unlimited potential of a truly happy wife if secretly the husband isn’t happy and the seed of resentment starts to take form because his value isn’t seen or recognized because it’s buried in trying to just please.

After my wife and I heard “Happy Spouse, Happy House.” We prefer this over the latter statement, due to the fact that it is inclusive of both husband and wife.

We should both try to serve, love and meet each other’s needs equally.

WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS? How do you feel about…

“Happy spouse, Happy SPOUSE.”


“Happy wife, Happy life.”




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