How to know if you aren’t drinking enough WATER 💧...

How do you know if you aren’t drinking enough water? 💧 ⠀

1. May have joint pain. (Our spinal discs and cartilage are made up of about 80% water.) Staying hydrated is essential to protecting your bones 🦴 from grinding.⠀

2. Muscle Shrinkage (Your muscles are mostly made up of water) Your muscles need water to give it that full look. If you have low body fat, that’s how you look more like a track sprinter 🆚 a long distance runner. (Neither is bad, you choose what look you want)⠀

3. Don’t recover from sickness as fast. (Without water flushing your system, toxins won’t get flushed out, which can cause all types of issues)⠀

4. Premature Aging may occur (Your exterior will eventually show what’s going on internally.) #chuglyfe

5. Dry Skin (one of the first signs of dehydration!)⠀

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