How we met.

How a mistake changed my life forever.

Welcome! How a mistake changed my life forever.

Welcome to my blog! This post invites you into the rawness of how I met the love of my life while living in San Diego, California and she living in Seattle, Washington. It's one of the craziest stories regarding the right place and right time.

Be Humble

“Have you ever made a mistake that changed the course of your future in an impactful way? ”

One beautiful Sunday, I was attending the City Church #Sandiego . At that time I was an intern at the church, I was in a season of my life where I was devoting the majority of my time to get to know God on a deeper level. I spent a lot of time serving, developing relationships, taking classes, mission trips and helping people.

This particular Sunday after my pastor shared a phenomenal message, there was time at the end for people to come towards the altar and receive prayer. The church would have leaders stand at the front, which I was one of them, and pray for people. Typically men would pray for men and ladies pray with ladies, for accountability purposes. However, someone who may not understand that churches etiquette might just walk up to the opposite sex and ask for prayer.


So I'm standing there and this young lady makes eye contact with me, and as a young leader I'm thinking in my head, no no no please don't come towards me because I would hate to turn you down. She proceeds to walk towards me and now I'm battling in my mind with what would be the right approach to deflect her. As she gets closer, the only thing I could come up with, was to drop to my knees and lay down in a prostrate position and start praying to God for myself. Just maybe she would think either he is weird, "I don't want him praying for me, or he needs prayer himself."

Come on now guys. I'm quicker on my toes than that lol

As she reached me, I kindly asked her what were her prayer needs. I looked for the nearest woman. The first person I saw was my pastor's wife. Without thinking I do the unthinkable and raise my hand in the air and signal my pastor's wife over towards me as if I was directing traffic at a busy intersection. My pastor's wife humbly appeases me and prays for the lady. Minutes later pulls me aside and states, "Please don't ever summon me over like that again, because you are like a son to me, I came over, however, don't you ever in life do that again."

Ok I added, "Ever in life." lol

Gasp! I felt horrible and apologized, stating that I made a mistake and that it will not happen again. My pastor's wife smiled and in the same breath invited me over for lunch because she probably felt sorry for me. That mistake changed the course of my life. At that lunch, she asked my friend Marco and I to go pick up some pastors from the airport because they will be speaking at our vision banquet this evening. This act of serving my pastors became the catalyst to a meeting of a lifetime!

Watch this video to see how my wife and I met...

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