What to do when life sucks!

Sometimes life can be so crippling. At points, you wonder why? What for? What did I do? When will it stop? What is the reason for the season? Who can I really trust? Sometimes NO HUMAN can fill that emptiness. (Lord I need you.)⠀

Frankly sometimes you want to break pace, abandon the fruits of the spirit and unleash fleshful fury without conviction. Trust me I know! I’ve had to pray to God this actual prayer.⠀

“Lord I’m asking you, please don’t let me see them in public, my feelings towards them are not stable. I need you to heal my heart and strengthen my spirit! Have them not call or text me right now, because fakery makes my skin crawl. I’m so allergic to it.”⠀

(Lord I need you.)⠀

I’ve had thoughts that I’ve never thought I would have to go to blows with and cast down. It would be so easy to give into those temptations of quitting, depression, hurting someone, hurting yourself, receding from your aspirations, feeling sorry for yourself and flat out questioning your worth. ⠀

Having those feelings aren’t weak. Giving into those feelings ARE weak. Believe it or not if you are going through it, there is a divine eternal purpose for it.⠀

(Lord I need you.)⠀

How you respond directly impacts the next season you go into. It’s not easy in the least, but you will be better for it. Lean into the same grace of God that Paul did in the Bible.

2 Corinthians 12:9-11 ⠀

You will be better for it, stronger for it because God said, “His POWER is made PERFECT in our weakness.⠀

God's grace is sufficient to take us through any tough, tempting, tumultuous trial that we may deal with on this side of heaven. ⠀

Stay FAITHFUL, FERVENT, FEARLESS and FLAVORFUL (salt of the earth) And watch how your Pain will bring glory to GOD and maybe save a life or two, that wanted to quit like you DID!⠀

All we need is YOU LORD!⠀

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