Why do white people not like us?

Why do white people not like us?⠀

My daughters Hope and Skylee just asked me this question before bed 🛌 ⠀

I was sadly caught off guard and immediately said, “Not all white people dislike us.” Ms @amber_massage and Presley are a great example of that right?⠀

Hope & Skylee: Oh yea!!! They are super nice.⠀

I had to ask them...“Why did you say that?”⠀

Hope: I learned in school that a white person killed Martin Luther King Jr and a white person killed that man on the street the other day.⠀

Skylee: Will they come for us? (Crying)⠀

I had to pull them in close, look them in the eyes and tell them that not all white people dislike you. Their are some that will dislike you for the color of your skin, however I want you to know that you can’t live in fear girls. What did we learn in the Bible?⠀

In Isaiah 41:10 do not fear, for I am with you. God is with you girls, I’m going do my best as your Dad to protect, educate and remind you of how God sees you!⠀

You were fearfully and wonderfully made!⠀

You are valuable, gorgeous, intelligent, sweet, easy to love, kind, a boss, leader, compassionate, capable strong girls that I’m proud to call my daughters. ⠀

This world isn’t always kind, yet the Dooley’s will be an example of strength, love and compassion for all people and help impact this world one moment at a time. ⠀

Please always share your feelings with me! Daddy will be here to (LISTEN FIRST)⠀

Be proud to be black! ✊🏾⠀

When fear knocks on your door 🚪 ⠀

Send faith to answer.⠀

Love you!⠀

#BLM #blacklivesmatter #daddyofblackgirls #doowork

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